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February 21, 2010 at 7:13 pm (Hand made things by me) (, , , , , , , )

I’ve been super busy over the weekend and done a heap of pages for my album for our Christmas trip to England.  Here are my layouts from the past few day.  Not much else to post – hope you enjoy looking at the pix.


We don't look toooooo bad seeing as we'd just been off the plane from Australia!

Self-timers on the camera rock

He was very, very excited!

Not totally happy with the title - need to figure out how to make it pop a bit more.

Same problem with this title!

I used the sketch from Scrap Therapy's Cyber Scrap Challenge for this one. Really like this sketch. You had to do some distressing/painting and/or inking for this one too.

Recognise the sketch? Yup, did two pages using it, but they will be quite a few pages apart so don't think anyone would notice.

I used Rachel's Heidi Swapp distresser on these pix - I want one now!

Great scupltures!

I made this last weekend (I think) but forgot to share it with you. It's a set of flatpack drawers from Kaiser and covered with their new prairie lane collection and with a rubon on the top. nice i thought.


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movies + tapas = great weekend

July 12, 2009 at 11:55 pm (random things) (, , , , , , , )

We came home yesterday after a weekend in Perth to do some belated birthday stuff with family and to say good-bye to the grandparents who headed off to Brisbane yesterday for a holiday.  We went to see Ice Age 3 in 3-d which was really, really cool (pretty funny too).  I definitely reckon the bit extra for the 3-d was worth it, wouldn’t always do it but I’d never been to a 3-d movie before and I thought it was pretty amazing.

We went out to Just tapas bar in Como for a family dinner (plus Abby and Eugene).  It was really delicious.  There is no menu, you choose the long (15 courses including desert) or short (11 courses) and little dishes are bought out.  We went the short menu (and were still very full).  Some of my food highlights were the Coffin Bay Oysters with blood orange dressing (I think), mushroom and chestnut soup and marron with garlic butter.  They were some of my faves but I really liked or loved everything we sampled.

We came home early yesterday as we had ordered a lamb from some local farmers and it was getting dropped off.  Looks very tasty and both our freezers are chocker-block with lamb now.   Mr Petit spent yesterday afternoon tinkering with an ancient lawnmower he found out the dump – it is old (like, think late 60’s) but looks almost brand new.  He reckons it has hardly been used (based on various indicators visible to the male eye) and it was just missing the throttle control and needed a clean.  After an hour or so of fiddling, he had it going, had mowed our lawn and was busy making and improvised throttle.  Clever.  And it actually starts much easier than my old mower which kicked the bucket a while ago.

Anyway, I must do some school work today, masses of preparation to finish so I can go over to my friend’s farm tomorrow for some scrap action and gossip.  Off to be a good girl.  Probably.  Otherwise I can do my pal Sam’s trick and leave it all to the weekend before school goes back and panic (but then again, that’s when the LSBS cyber crop is on so that would definitely be bad to have to miss!)

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holidays, scrapping and stuff

July 8, 2009 at 9:23 am (random things) (, , , , , )

Very excited at the moment, we have decided to go to the UK for Christmas! We have our flights booked and I’m currently busy in some of my spare time planning things.  Hopefully we’ll be able to go snowboarding in the New Year in France or Switzerland.  Can’t wait! I hope Mr Petit loves it as much as I love England and Europe.

I have been doing A LOT of scrapbooking at the moment, have really been neglecting my sewing and shops on etsy and made it but I’m just loving scraping presently.  I’ve been doing the Little Scrap Booking Shop’s 52 Pick Up challenges which are really really great.

On school holidays at the moment too, although still have plenty of school stuff to do.  Went to school today to work on my Level 3 Teacher application with a couple of other teachers who are doing it.  Such a lot of messing around but I guess long term it will be worth it!  Still plenty of planning for next term left to do too.  Arrrggghh…hope I fit in some more scrapping time!

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