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March 16, 2010 at 8:16 am (Hand made things by me, random things) (, , , )

Okay, so probably not what your average crafter got up to this weekend…Friday night I joined my DH and two of his friends to go fox shooting, which was quite fun.  I was sooooo tired by about 10pm though I was falling asleep in the passenger seat while we were cutting around the paddocks and jerking awake when a shot gun went off.  I can assure you that waking up, having to get out to open and close a cocky’s gate (passenger gets gate duty) is something of a challenge as you do have to pay attention when you are doing up the windlass!! Luckily I avoided breaking my arm or anything similar doing the gates.  I won’t show you any of the photos of dead stuff as a) it’s a bit gory and b) most of them have our friend’s grandson in and I’m not sure if they’d want them on the internet.

Anyway, after all the gun slinging action, I settled down for a more domestic weekend.  I made some jam drops (featuring some tasty Fig Jam I made earlier in the week) and did some other cooking experiments (including my first attempt at French Onion Soup which tasted delicious but did rather interfer with the intestinal processes!!!).  The Little Scrapbook Shop had it’s ‘Good, Bad and Ugly’ cybercrop.  I completed 2 of the challenges…

This challenge you had to document something 'bad' and use green on the layout somewhere.

This was the sketch challenge, you had to make one minor change (I flipped the sketch orientation) and use the words 'good, bad, ugly' in your layout somewhere.

I also got the week’s challenge done for the Seasoned Scrapper

This challenge we had to use some of the lyrics from a song by some old guy (Billy Thorpe?) in our layout.

I also did a couple of other random pages just for fun which I have been slack and not photographed.  Also been busy knitting away for Knit One Save One.


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