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I’m the first to admit that I am VERY musically challenged.  In primary school I attended a very small school where the motto for the choir was ‘the school is a choir and the choir is a school’, lovely except myself and 2 boys were told to kindly mouth the words so as to not make them sound awful.

Despite this, I try and incorporate music into my classroom (in real life I teach in a primary school).  We have our music lesson once a week (which I recruit a couple of students who are quite musically inclined) to be my assistants and then during our independent work on things like learning centres for language and maths the kids can put on a classical CD.  When I first started putting on a classical CD, half of the nearly killed me for polluting their ears with such stuff, but after a day or two, they stopped complaining and I heard things like ‘Shhh, I’m trying to listen to the music’ and ‘Miss, can the group playing Scrabble be a bit quieter, I can’t hear the tunes properly’.  Oh, the irony of it.  At the end of term there was a general consensus that I needed to buy some more CDs for extra variety, quite a surprising request.  So, as per instructed I bought 2 box sets (8 CDs) when I went to Perth yesterday.  Hopefully they get the seal of approval next week, I’m listening to the baroque (my fave) at the moment and I think it’s quite a good compilation.

While browsing on Etsy in a musical frame of mind, I came across a gorgeous hand embroidered cuff by Water Rose.  It’s really quite delightful.

Gorgeous Wrist Cuff


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