this is so not what I should be doing right now

April 29, 2009 at 9:00 am (Loved, random things) (, , )

Tomorrow afternoon we are off to Perth for the weekend for Mr Petit’s brother’s wedding.  I have half packed (well, clothes all over the bed) and there is more clothes in the washing machine (nearly ready for the tumble drier).  I have masses of stuff to organise, as well as get some things done for work.  Arrrgh.  At least we have leftovers from last night’s yummy dinner (see previous post for details) so that just needs re-heating.  So this means no blogging, no internet etc until Sunday night!  Well, I guess I’ll have lots of nice family pics to put up when I get home anyway.

Feeling all wedding-ish, I browsed Etsy and found these gorgeous cake-toppers.  Just lovely

Linen and Satin Love Birds by Cotton Bird Designs

Linen and Satin Love Birds by Cotton Bird Designs

Well, not a particularly inspiring post, but I really have to be getting organised.  Wishing you a happy weekend and check back in after the weekend for some (hopefully) lovely pix.


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