no longer a bfz (aka blog-free zone)

January 26, 2010 at 5:47 pm (Uncategorized)

Well, I’ve been horribly slack with this blog of late (well, for quite a long time).  We’ve been on holiday to England for 4 weeks and I’ve started a new job! My first ever full-time job that isn’t teaching!  I’m now the Coordinator of our local Telecentre (Community, Health and Techology Resource Centre).  It is a complete change of scene and I’m loving it (well, only been there 6 days so still have lots to learn but it’s a great place to work).

Scrapping-wise I haven’t done much lately as we’ve been overseas – which was excellent – but I do have some projects on the go.  Firstly I’ve started (well, printed some photos for) an album featuring our holiday to England.  I’m also going to participate in the Little Scrapbook Shop’s 2010 by the Month – currently trying to organise what I’m going to do for my January page – I definitely need to take more photos in February!!!!  I’m also really excited about the LSBS’s 2010 weekly challenge program (previously 52 Pick Up) which was unveiled last Sunday – it’s the Seasoned Scrapper…

I’m definitely keen to get into these challenges as I really loved doing 52 Pick Up (and I’m proud to say I did it 52 times in 2009). Anyway, hopefully my next post will have some pix of scrapping I have finally got around too.

Finally, and most importantly, Happy Australia Day!  We had a lovely morning at the beautiful Lake Towerinning for a community bbq breakfast.


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  1. Caro said,

    Good to see you back on the blog. About time I got my butt into gear on that front too!

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