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July 13, 2009 at 11:58 pm (Hand made things by me, random things) (, , , , )

I’ve been baking early this morning – well, cake making at a quarter to seven in the morning!  I’m baking a ‘Bita Cake’ to take to my friend Karen’s place this afternoon for some scrapbooking.  A ‘Bita Cake’ is a made up cake of mine which you make with ‘a bita this and a bita that’.  Basically you don’t measure – just chuck it in based on your cake making knowledge, cream together some dark brown sugar (1/2 a cup approx.) and some marg (maybe 3-4 tabs) then add some vanilla essence and two eggs.  Blend together.  Add some SR flour and mix in.  Then add a cup or two of dried fruit (I just had sultanas today, but you can add currents, raisins, apricots, dates etc) which you have soaked overnight in a cup of black tea.  Throw in the soaking liquid too.  Mix and then add mor SR flour to get to a cake-y consistency.  Pour into a lined loaf tin and then bake at 180 degrees until it’s done (you know how to test that).  It’s also nice with some shredded coconut.  Yum.  Here’s a pic of the finished product.

Bita Cake

Bita Cake

When I was downloading this picture off my camera I found this photo that Kat took on the weekend.  We were all sat around together on Saturday afternoon (that’s my arm knitting and my Mother-in Law patting the little dog).  Lizzy (my dog) and Kallie (MIL’s dog) used to HATE each other (they both love Tahlia the little Staffy) but we realised not only did they choose to lie together, but it really looks like Lizzy is cuddling Kallie. We honestly did not put her paws there – doesn’t look very comfortable but she lay like that for about half an hour.  Weirdos, biting each other one day, cuddling the next!

Lizzy, Kallie and Tahlia chilling on the couch

Lizzy, Kallie and Tahlia chilling on the couch


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