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I’m not a huge sports fan, but I quite enjoy watching a decent game of AFL (a recent development in my interests) and I really think that sports players have a huge role as models for children.  However, I was really ANNOYED at the weekend when I watched the West Coast Eagles game.   I really noticed the incredibly pathetic contact between players (shouldering each other, pushing, and generally acting like puffed up little peacocks).  This irritated me on two levels, the first being that it’s just so unnecessary, they are standing waiting for the ball to be played and they are just being so negative.  I know they want to win, but this is hardly the kind of behaviour that we would think was acceptable for our children, so why should their heroes be acting like this.  On another level, it makes me even further irritated that the television stations chose to feature this footage, surely not every set of marked players are acting like this and would good sportsmanship not be the thing to be featuring???  It really makes me wonder what the AFL and the media are thinking is ok behaviour.

The whole Matthew Johns thing is bugging me too, but for different reasons.  It is disappointing that these footballers thought this kind of behaviour was ok (and that it seems like sex and bonding does come up a lot with teams in the NRL) and it’s a bit disturbing that these people are huge role models, especially in the eastern states.  However, I really am getting annoyed with the media outlets that are demonising Johns.  I really don’t get why this NZ chick has so much credibility.  She had consensual sex with a group of footballers.  Dumb.  What did she think was going to happen?  She made the choice too.  I just don’t get why a) Johns has basically had his media career destroyed and b) the media seems to feel so sorry for this woman.  I didn’t watch the 4 Corners presentation, but I’m actually really disappointed that the ABC (my favourite station) gave this story such credibility.  I think it sounds like some money-hungry skank trying to cash in on the media’s desire for pathetic salacious gossip.  Makes me soooo annoyed.  I wonder what Johns did to someone at either Nine or the NRL to have him made the fall guy for this.  He made a morally questionable decision but I think the whole thing has been seriously manipulated by the media and this woman.

Ok, rants over.  I’ll try and relax and enjoy the football on the weekend without focusing on the parts that annoy me!

How awesome are these cool things?  (Well, you’d probably like them more if you are a WCE lover).

West Coast Eagles Casserole Holder

West Coast Eagles Casserole Holder

And do you think you’d catch many footy fans in these?  I might wear them to the footy for a laugh.

Football Earrings

Football Earrings


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  1. Brett said,

    I will also enjoy watching the football on the weekend (go the PIES & STORM).

    And i agree that Matthew has been made the scapegoat for what he admits is an act of stupidity.
    The thing that annoys me most is the fact his career in tv and rugby is over for an incident that he was and never will be charged for when not so long ago Matthew Newton was charged and found guilty after a violent act against a woman he was close to. Without me knowing his contractual obligations he represented channel nine at the logies. To me that reeks of a double standard.
    Matthew Johns is to be congratulated on not giving up his mates.

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