on the road to somewhere…

May 5, 2009 at 10:13 am (random things) (, , , , , )

We’ve had quite a few changes in our world so far this year.   Moved across the country, started new jobs, met new people.  It’s really be quite a ‘big’ 4 months but I hadn’t really noticed.  Today I felt a bit sad – I received a lovely letter from a colleague from my old job in Queensland, along with the final paperwork from the position I’d taken long service leave from.  It was such a lovely letter, and whilst I really love where we live now and my new job, a little nerve was hit and I thought about the many good times I had had there – although I did manage to avoid having a teary moment outside the post office!!!  Then I was chatting to an friend on Facebook when I got home and really missed being able to ‘turn up’ at their house at 9am on a Sunday morning with a packet of biscuits to have tea and a chat (and her partner and mine were great mates so it was a perfect match really).  I guess life goes on, and we are making our new space in this place gradually.  I guess it’s just easy to long for the old and familiar.  It’s kind of exacerbated with Mr Petit being away fishing until tomorrow.   It’s funny when they’re around you know you love and appreciate them, but when they are away, there is suddenly a them-shaped hole which is so apparent.   Maybe it’s because we haven’t been together forever, but I hope I’d always miss him when he’s away.  Although things change, somethings should always stay the same…


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