File for Dusters

November 1, 2008 at 9:47 pm (Loved) (, , )

Those dusters who were after an info sheet about etsy, you can download the PDF below and print out copies.  Let me know if you would prefer a word doc.




  1. Chrisy said,

    thanks so much for doing this…it’s an excellent resource, chrisy

  2. Meggan said,

    Excellent idea, a great addition to hand out along with our business cards, it’ll help for those possible customers, who admire the goods, yet don’t have the need or cash at the time, or their friends and relatives they tell, who they know will like your stuff, who may or may not be as computer savvy, like I once was.

  3. Meggan said,

    Hi Anna,
    I have made up an About Dust info flyer that can be copied and printed on to the back of your flyer, but I don’t know how to share it. Just tried to post it on my blog like you have done,but it didn’t like the Dust banner html , and made the two flyers into one doubled up one. I made it in a word doc any suggestions ? It’s on my blog here minus the two DUST banners
    Love light and Rainbows Meg

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