no more hat hair – i am one cute chick

October 31, 2008 at 7:53 am (Loved) (, , , , )

Got myself a lovely haircut this afternoon – cute, short and sassy.  Feel sooooooo much prettier!  So no more hat hair.  I love it and will no longer need to plonk a hat on my head all the time.  That said, I’ve seen a gorgeous hat pattern I think I will have to get from McHats.  Check it out, very sweet:

I’ll be off to our town markets tomorrow.  Hopefully will go well, fingers x’d anyway for a good morning….


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oh so HOT

October 28, 2008 at 9:34 am (Loved) (, , )

Well, it was so stinking hot today (think 39c/102f), I was totally over it, although the good news was that my aircon in my office now works! Hooray!  In keeping with my horrid, hot day, I thought these sweet earrings by thelovelyteaspoon were in keeping.  Not sure if I’d really wear them, but they made me laugh!

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fishing trip minus the fish

October 27, 2008 at 8:55 am (random things) (, , )

an interestingly eventful weekend.  we treked to mt isa for the annual barra comp at lake moondara, no fish caught and plenty of bad luck including:

1) horrible car/truck crash on mt isa road on friday so the road was closed, had to detour via duchess, an extra 100km, mostly on dirt roads,

2) on friday night, hideous losers camped nearby who didn’t go to bed until sunrise on saturday and spent most of the night being total morons (loudly)

3) a friend of a friend reversing his car into another friend’s car, oops.

4) finding a wierd, drugged out old bloke in the lake at about 11pm (reckoned someone had slipped him some drugs and tried to drown him, claimed he was in the water for 4 hours – this bit might have been true as we had heard someone yelling out a few times but couldn’t see anyone and assumed it was the losers camped near us playing tricks on us!) – all sounded suss and her was super-dodgey.  cops still hadn’t come to get him 2 hours later so we drove him to the fishing comp weigh station and found the cops to hand him over

5) another friend got a bug in his ear at about 1am on Sunday which was biting him, he ended up in hospital.

So, all in all, seriously BAD luck, but we still had a ball, lots of laugh, plenty of beer and no fish caught (well, 2 catfish and 1 turtle but they don’t really count.

lake views

rocky outcrop at moondara

lizzy and chuck playing in the lake

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shop updated

October 19, 2008 at 1:12 am (Hand made things by me) (, , )

I just updated my shop with some new items (including the photo frame pictured) and jazzed up some of the photos which were a bit dark.

Yesterday we had our monthly scrapbooking afternoon.  I made cute lime/black/white page kits for interested people which were very popular.  Currently working on a new kits for a Christmas page for the next scrap meet.  We are also going to have a Crop Night next month, looking forward to that.  Now I’m off to scrabble around on my favourite online scrapbooking shops for some supplies for the kits.

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up-cycled gorgeous-ness

October 15, 2008 at 7:27 am (Loved) (, , )

How lovely are 3girls+agoat’s up-cycled envelopes?  They are very delicious if you ask me. The presentation is very professional and I love the ‘extras’ that come with the set (stylish envelope seals).  Now I just need to think of a reason to need some nice envelopes, who can I write to??

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New Wall Hanging

October 14, 2008 at 6:50 am (Hand made things by me) (, , , )

Well, I have got my work cut out for me for a few nights, just bought the other bits to go with the wall hanging panel I got for Christmas (actually I’m making 3, one for me, one for my mum and one for my MIL). The picture below is a finshed one done by a online craft store but I’m not sure if I’ll worry about the rows of patchs around the edges.  Hopefully they will be done in a week or two.  I can’t get too much done yet as the local craft shop has sold out of pellon, hopefully some more will be in stock soon.  But I can do the first one with the pellon I have at home.  I’m excited as it will be my first wall hanging.  I also bought some really cute Asian-ish blue fabric to make a skirt with.  That should be easy so might wear it on the weekend. 

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petit palais gets blogging

October 13, 2008 at 7:51 am (business things, Hand made things by me) (, , , )

Hi everyone (or maybe no one!), this is my first foray into blogging for Petit Palais.  I’m a keen crafter (I’m not fussy – I like making bags, quilts, cards, jewellery, mosaics, off the page items, and doing scrapbooking) and I recently started selling my items to local friends/aquaintences and then expanded to have a market stall and selling on etsy, all of which I’ve been finding enjoyable.

You can browse my items online or if you live locally, I’m at the Cloncurry Markets which are on the mornings of the first Saturday of each month in Florence Clarke Park opposite Woolworths.

Currently I’ve been working on making packs for a Scrapbooking Class I’m taking at our local craft shop so that has taken a fair amount of my time so I haven’t had much time to make stuff for Etsy.  I’ve also done some ‘production line’ construction of Xmas cards and general greeting cards for my market stall.  Some samples are below.

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